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Are Tankless Water Heaters Right For You?

You don’t always have to move with the crowd or make uninformed decisions based on what your friends say. However, it pays at times.

With advancement in technology, tankless water heaters are gaining popularity not only in the US but worldwide. The tanked models are still of great help. Don’t get me wrong.

Gas fuelled vs. Electric tankless water heaters Compared

What type of tankless water heater do I go for? This is a question that every buyer will face before hitting the market.

Today, most Americans are shifting from traditional water heaters to tankless models. No need to mention, like you, they also have faced with the task of choosing between the 2 types. If you’ve ever bought an appliance only to regret the decision later, then this piece is more directed to you.

Where to Install Tankless Water Heaters

Which are the best places to install a tankless water heater?

Manufacturers and users agree on one thing. The location of the tankless water heater affects its efficiency. Ideal locations ensure that water remains hot even during the coldest season. There is a direct correlation between the heater’s performance and where it is.  For example, installing it closer to the demand source ensures that less water goes to waste.